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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi everyone!

Today I am working on my hand applique blocks.  I sorted everything the other day and got them ready to sew.

I have been having a Twilight marathon while I got everything worked on. I'm on the last film today . I have also decided to start a Dear Jane quilt!  I have ordered the background material and will start that next month after I have caught up some of my other work!

We have had so much rain here in Texas that the ground is soaking wet. my puppy's are loving it but my furniture isn't!!  I need to get a steam cleaner just to wash the couch!! I don't have carpet in the house so will only need it for the furniture!!  I tried using a scrub brush and basin but that didn't work too good!!!
My little Gizmo got loose yesterday in the yard and she had a blast!  until she fell in a mud hole and couldn't get out!  I wish I h ad a camera on me at the time as the bigger dog picked her up by the scruff and carried her to the house she looked like a drowned rat!! We will be complaining about the drought again by summer I'm sure!!
It is going to be in the 70's again today so I am in shorts the other day I was in sweats and a sweater. go figure!!