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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday March 5th 2012

Another month already.  I have been cutting and ironing all weekend getting blocks ready to sew for March
I thought I had all my Jan and Feb ones sewed but then I found my mini quilts were all readied but not sewn!
I hope to get them worked on today. I finished sewing my funky chicken block for march just need to put on borders and then I will be done for now.   I have to get back to my crinoline picture as I haven't gotten much

done on it lately.  I did get a ufo quilt done this week. so that brought the old list down some but of course I added a few new ones for this year!!

these are the finished Jan and Feb blocks I did .

My son Kyle and His girlfriend Ronakay went to a car show in Conroe Texas the other weekend I finally got a new picture to them with my sons new truck. I thought the pic came out good.

I ordered a new chair and ottoman for my living room the other day hopefully this one won't get eaten alive by the dogs!! If they leave this one alone I will have to see about getting a new couch this year. the recliner couch isn't working good now. I don't think I'd ever get another reclining couch. the regular recliners are a lot better. the couch is too heavy to move around and it tears the tiles on the floor every time you open the chairs I got the burgandy one

I am waiting for my material to come in the mail today for a Dear Jane Quilt I want to start.I think I will have to put it to the side though until I get some more of these other projects caught up.  As for the house a day quilt...... well ....... I am really behind on it!! so much for my I'll cut a lot out ahead of time!! .Did that, but haven't got around to sewing them yet!!!  well technically I have the top parts for the last two months sewn and the material in a drawer waiting to be cut for the bottom half now just to get a move on and get it done!!
now I have marches to add to it. I think I need to take one weekend and do nothing else but sew them to get caught up! Maybe this weekend I will put on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and sew while I watch.  My husband is going to visit his parents on friday and sat for his dads 80th birthday  my son has to swap to days for work this weekend ( nights friday sleep for 4 hrs then up for work on sat and sun days then back to nights on monday) so I need to be here to take care of the puppies they get their rabie shots friday morning and the rest of there shots so can't really leave them out when I'm gone plus it will be raining so I will stay here and keep house. Hopefully we can go down again another weekend and I will go with him. I would like to get down and see them.  My little Gizmo is in heat now I really think this is her second cycle but we weren't sure the first time if it was her or the cat but this time it is for sure. So she will go in July to be fixed. Kyle and Allen started working on the front yard this weekend it is looking better now the grass has grown in good this year. we will have to work on the garden later this month and get the ponds fixed up and weed. 
Well I  have to go now that I have bored you all!  Hope you  have a great week.