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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Another week started, I haven't gotten much done this week. Having a bad health week so far so I have been laying down most of the weekend and yesterday.  I did manage to get my first funky chicken block completed . I have been trying to get caught up on my houses as well but only finished two and started the other ones for this month. I got the roofs sewn and thats about it.  I tried on sunday to sew the sky parts on and had to keep ripping our as they didn't fit then my husband says to me  don't the houses need chimneys?  I could have screamed I had forgotten to put them on and that was why they didn't fit! needless to say I packed it up for better days!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday 23 Jan 2012

Today I  started to put my house blocks together by hand!! That was fun!! I need to find my glasses I could hardly thread the needle!I got one done not too bad? my roof will be backwards compared tot he pattern as I cut the pieces out reversed!!  I worked on my other projects this weekend. put all the material for different ufos with the proper one and put all ufos in a row(they are all in boxes) I found approx 14 to get finished. after I found that many I decided this years boms will have to be printed and saved for another time!!  I will only do the funky chickens and house a day quilts for now until I get some of the  others out of the way.  We are hoping to get our tax money back this week I wanted to take all the puppies to be fixed with it but I nearly died when I found out the price It's been a long long while since we had to get a female animal spayed!  Needless to say we will have to toss a coin to see who gets done first! we will have to do one a month until all done!! then it will be time for the yearly booster shots again and heartworm pill refill that should take us to nearly the end of the year!!   Hope my husband gets overtime this year!! 
It's our aniversary this wedensday. we will be married  26 years and together 27  Our son will be 20 yrs old the begining of the month.  We had will done years ago and I was always on at my husband for us to go and change the age  for my son to take care of finances himself so he wouldn't have to depend on either family but he always said don't worry he will be 21 yrs before you know it and we will have saved $600 for the change fee!! Boy he was right  where did the time fly to!

Well I need to get going and get said son up so he can get ready for work.  Think I will watch netflix today while I do my embroidery.  Hope you all have a great week.  I will post pictures later I need to get my memory card back for  my camera yup it was Mom I need yours mine isn't working right!
the story of my life lately  I think If I nailed something down he would still "Borrow" it!!!LOL

speak to you soon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning!

It's another week!  Iwas bad bad this weekend!I went on ebay to find some extra squares and jelly rolls for the build a house quilt I'm making!  Oh yeah it  was fun until this morning when I stopped and actually added the bids up!  good thing we are expecting a refund this year on the taxes! I will have to use my share to pay back the house fund!!! It will be nice when they come in though. Oh and I had to have a scrape bag/pin cushion that I found it is in purples to hange on the table beside my chair while I work. Then my son say "but mom won't the dogs steal that from there?"  I could have screamed ! but he's right !! I will have to figure out how to keep it attached so they can't take off with a mouth full of pins!  I'm so used to the older dogs we had they knew not to touch these young ones will have to learn though.

I didn't get much more done this weekend. I worked on the taxes and did the washing and tidied up the house , well I did some of the house! I still have to dust and remop the floors this morning oh and do the bathroom. then I will have all week to work on my quilting.

I got a New home sewing machine in a table from a Lady from our local guild this weekend as well. My son went and picked it up for me and we set it up in the livingroom in front of the window. We had a good laugh at ourselves when we tried to se if it worked. we looked all over for the foot peddle, thought it might be missing so we got ones from the other machine to see if they would fit but couldn't find a place to plug it in, so I went on my hands and knees to look under it and accidentally hit a bar unerneath on the side. yup it has a knee peedle!!  did we ever feel dumb!! It came with the attachments and book so I will have to study it this week and figure out how to thread it so I can use it.

got to go now and get going  still cutting roof blocks today hope to get them done!  Have a great day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's cold this morning!  Its 6 am now I have been online for an  hour catching up on the friday sew in online! I'm making a house a day pattern and I'm already 14 days behind!! so I thought I'd cut ALL the pieces ahead and put in bags by weeks so I could just grab a bag each week and work through them!! Yeah It hasn't worked so well!  I am still on  my sfirst and second  templete

and  need another 282  of each one!  then I need to cut 8030  more pieces just to make up the 365 blocks!!    considering I worked on them yesterday for hours and only got 166 pieces cut can anyone say Houston we have a Problem!!
I decided that I had to stay  up this morning after husband left for work and get cutting!  but two cups of tea later and I still haven't started yet!  I will have to pick out a movie marathan for today so I can get something done! 

We bought a wii machine for x-mas with the exercise program I have been neglectful this week and haven't registered in on it for my daily exercise do you think  getting up and down for material would count!! Oh and chasing the puppies around the house for templetes, thread,scissors and anything else not nailed down!! 

This morning Daisy out bassett hound, took off with my bag of cut out pieces!! I do not want to have to cut another 166 because she wanted attention!!
I gave her a dog biscuit and she has gone to her bed and hid it for later!!  at least it will keep her busy as she gaurds it all morning!

Daisy and Princess

Gizmo and Mocha
Here are  my puppies and one wanna be a puppy all ready for the cold outside!
well I h ope everyone has a great weekend. I won't be back on line until next week or I will never get anything done!! 

Friday, January 13, 2012


Friday the 13th!!  So my brother reminded me this morning!!  I will have to pay attention to my block prep today!

I want to thank you all for the comments!  It's so nice to have someone out there to talk with.

Well last night I started my templetes for the house a day project. I didn't get too far but will work on cutting today.!  My young dogs are inside again today  as it is soo cold out for them!  Needless to say they are into everything and all the cats are playing with them! I had to pick up my sewing from the center counter as the youngest cat (Mocha, who is in heat!) kept throwing things off.

I have been making a crinoline embroidery picture for a friend and have set a certain amount of hours  per day to work on it.  I will have to get a few hours on it today in between everything else!
I guess I have bored you enough today so I will get a move on and find my material for cutting!
Happy quilting everyone.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Post!

Well here goes nothing!  I decided to make an everyday blog page.  So many sites now are asking for your blog that I decided it was time to give it a try.  I hope to make more friends here that enjoy the same things as I do. Just to have someone to talk to about everyday things. It's nice to know sometimes that there is actually someone out there and not just the four wall of the room!!

I have been busy this week getting my crafts ready for this year.  I made my UFO list luckily theres not as many as there used to be!  Then I made my want to make this year list ( extremely long!)  I will have to shorten that one down alot!!

I sorted all my saved patterns and made sure I had all the bom parts together then saved them to a disc to be safe!!  found I had printed some and then deleted instead of saving  so I have some boms that have both printed parts and saved parst.  Oh well at least I have the patterns!!

I better get going now and get ready for today. I want to cut material for this years boms I am starting. Hope to hear from you  soon.