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Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 23 2019

March is nearly over and so much still to get done for this months goals!

I am working on another of the Wish Quilt blocks just left with the stars to sew on and the embroidery to be done.

I finished my Spring cross stitch  for the Little House Needleworks sew along  went faster than I thought it would!
 this is the box that Hubby made me for all my hand dyed threads just need to put in a divider inside to separate the brands.

 now I need to catch up with the other cross stitch sew along behind February and March will dig them out today to work on them over the weekend they are nice and quick ornaments so should finish before the beginning of the week.

The rain has finally stopped here for awhile looking forward to sitting outside on swing later when it gets dried more.  I cleaned up the computer yesterday saved files to hard drive and backed up my caliber for ebooks  then started sorting the DVD shelves and figuring out what ones I need to buy to make up movie sets I didn't realize how many I was behind on! I think I will need another shelve unit If I can figure out where to put it!!
well I hope you all have a great week I need to get back to my work now ! 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Can you believe March is here already!! I haven't accomplished what I wanted to yet this year but I did get other things done that I did not have on list for the first part of the year.

Hubby was in between jobs so while he had days off  we did a COMPLETE spring clean and downsizing of our house.  I didn't know how much cabinet space I actually have until we de cluttered!! I'm sure the garbage men really  loved us as each day they came we had all the cans full and heavy.  anything that was good we packed up into boxes and put in the "storage" room (spare bedroom/sewing room no more!!) They will have the fun of sorting through it all when they move into  there forever home and using what they need and getting rid of what is left.

On the craft side I have been trying to catch up on the Stitch Alongs I joined for this year. I managed to get January and February calendar ones done 

I have been working on Winter ABC's still I ran out of the white thread it finally came in so started it again this week not sure if this will fit on my material I goofed when I placed it  still need to fit in xyz if it doesn't I will have to cut some off the side and sew it to bottom and hope it still looks ok.

The next one for this sew along is the  Spring ABC's I have been trying to decide on material but Hubby likes this one best 
In between all of this I have still found time to get some reading in for my A-Z challenge on face book I didn't realize how many books start with C until I tried to pick books!! Kept reading c titles and forgetting I already had c done!!  
Here are some pics of my Lazy bums getting kicked out of the bedroom they are not amused!! 

Well I'm off to get some work done today. Hope you have a great week!.

Saturday, February 2, 2019


Hi there,

This year is flying past and I am not getting anywhere fast!!

I finally got all my  household paperwork caught up this week and finished odd jobs I had sitting around. Now I can finally get some of my shows caught up on  my DVR while I work on my cross stitch sew alongs.  I finished  one of Januarys and am now working on the second one
 I have a 1/4 done  so hopefully  I'll get it done by the end of next week!  I have a calendar sew along to do as well so there are two that I am behind on for it. Hope to get all of them back on track by the end of the month.  

It will be my sons birthday on the 10th of this month I can't believe he will be 27 already. Him and his Girlfriend are starting the process of getting a barndominum built on their property I hope it will all go smooth for them wondering if they will be in their own place by the end of the year. I need to get a move on and get started on some crafts I have planned for their first x-mas at their own place.

I have been awake again tonight since 2 am its nearly 6 am now and am exhausted but still can't sleep I will have to take a cat nap later today to make it through.  Too much on my mind right now. Well hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Morning Everyone! It's 6 am here and trying to get awake!
Hubby is still off work  he will start new job on Monday so he has been working on the spring cleaning for me with what help I can give him!!
We have nearly completed the house only the living room, kitchen and utility room to be done. I'm sure the garbage men love us  lately as we have thrown out so  much junk that we have had sitting around.

I haven't been working on my crafts this past few weeks as I'm too tired when we sit down at night to do any.

This is the picture of  Farmhouse Christmas that I made for Kyle and Ronakay for Christmas they just need to take it and have it framed  I thought it best for them to do that so they get what they like. Hopefully they will get the house started this year with the builder so we will see.  I added another two storage boxes to the sitting room to fill with things from our cleaning  that I want to pass on.

It is very cold out right now at least cold for us!!  We have had so much rain the last few days it looks like a lake in the back part of the property so no fencing work has been done it will be later in the summer now before anymore gets done. well Im off to get started on the livingroom it's time like this that I question my collecting DVDs and Cds too many to clean!  Hope you all have a great week.Until Next time Blessing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Lets see if I can get back into the groove!!

thisHi there everyone
It's been a long time since I have last posted time has just really got past me. I decided this year would be different and I would get me back or at least try to !!
I have joined a few SAL and Reading challenges and a UFO sewing group to give me the umph I need to keep going. My first project this year so far is the cross stitching ornament called JOY
this is my progress so far on it.
This is the material and pattern for the January Sew along for another group. Still to get this started hopefully tomorrow.
I will post pictures of some of the UFO's that I have going later this week I need to sort through everything and decide what I will finish off first I have a few quilt tops that I know need done !
My son has moved in with his Girlfriend since last I wrote they are preparing to build a home on his property hopefully this year. I still have all his things here at the house and have been gradually buying house hold items for them over the last few years for Christmas gifts to give them a hand I didn't expect it to take this long to get to this point so I have a full spare room floor to ceiling wall to wall!! I packed his belongings from my closets and rooms and put it all in there to take back the rest of the house!! I left his bedroom alone so they have a place to come if need or want to. House will seem empty when they move all the way. At least they will only be about 10 - 15 mins away so not bad I did luck out on that.
This is Princess all grown up In December 2018 she is my lap dog
This is my little Guard dog Gizmo in October 2018
I have three other big dogs but need to take better pictures of them to show you.
This is Mocha and Smudge with Princess all after my seat!!
And this is my Son I guess he always knew what he wanted to do when he grew up! from toys to working on them .
Well I better go now and I hope you all have a Blessed Day.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Here we go !! Another year started!  I need to make a list of all UFO's to complete for this year

We had a nice Christmas and New year so far Hubby  and son have been making cabinets for my sons room still have the largest to get finished but hopefully tonight it will be completed then onto getting my poor house back in order and cleaned from all the sanding and cutting dust!  
Here is a picture of the first cabinet and part of the second the second one I believe is going all the way up to the ceiling .

I finally got to open my Santa Swap package!!  Look what  Andee Neff made for me!! 

I couldn't get a brighter picture of the bag I need to play with the camera a bit more but it is a wonderful purple color really really love it.  I am using it to keep my hand  cross stitching and embroidery in as I do them.
I made  this one  over the holidays Christmas cookies by country cottage needleworks just have to finish making it a ornament and sew on button.
I figured out the camera on the phone got the flash to work finally so here is the bag ! Isn't the material pretty?

I am thinking of trying another BOM this year but will have to see after I get house sorted I think if I sit at machine for an hour a day I should be able to handle that or even every other day so I will see how it goes. 
well I need to go and get some more chores done  ie more washing!! seems it is never done.

I hope you all have a great 2015!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Been awhile!

Hi everyone!  

I didn't realize how much time has passed since I last posted.  I have been slowing down on all my crafts this year due to health issues but am really missing  some of them.!

I finally finished another block for the Wish quilt by Red Brolly

 I have a new  sewing machine that does the threading  for me so I can finally get back on the machine a little at a time.  I hope to complete some of my Un finished works this next year.  I have  a few things that still need to get caught up.

I have been doing a lot of cross stitching I think I got carried away buying kits though as I now have a dresser full of patterns, material and threads all ready to go.! 

It is raining  heavy today I'm waiting to see if Hubby gets rained out from work. If so he will go the stores and get the groceries ect and the last of x-mas things. 

My son Kyle and his girlfriend Ronakay are living here full time now so it's time to fix up his room and area for them to be more comfortable so over the x-mas holiday Hubby will be making wall cabinets for the room so it can be  organized better for them.   I have already packed down the closet for them only a couple of stored boxes on top shelf that will stay filled with kyles baby things.

Decided to wait on my kitchen floor until sometime next year so we could get the other room done first.

Here are some of the things I have been working on some might have been shown already if so I apologize!  Hope you all have a great Holiday Season  many Blessing from My house to Your House!


PS  I just read a post from January 2014
this was my list of want to do's guess what I didn't get any done!! not a single one!!  so this will be my list for 2015!!

1. Wish by Red Brolly

2. Winter in Bog Land by Ellies Quiltplace

3. Love Entwined by Esther Aliu

4. Dear Jane

5. Shabby Roses Home by Jenny of Elefantz

6. faith in friends  in homespun magazine ( I believe the designer is  Lenna Green of Little Green Cottage)

7. Henrietta Whiskers by Bunny Hill Designs

8.Miss Kringle "Jingle" Quilt by Erin Russek

9.  finish embroidery table cloth

10. put together witch wall hanging

11. finish putting together crochet squares into afghan