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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Morning Everyone! (1.21.13)

Had a busy weekend. Went shopping with Hubby and stocked up a lot of household items.! Paid for  the long shopping hours though pain in leg worse after all the walking and driving in truck!! But at least the cabinets look full.

Got the house mostly cleaned just have to dust and wash kitchen floor.

This week I will be working on ufo's all week long!! I knocked out a few already  this year but boy do I have a lot more to get done.  I have nearly caught up with Esther's forget me not blocks a few more to get prepped then I can get them sewn.

Yesterday I finished the  backs for funky chicken and country cottages and got things ready for a baby quilt that my mother started before Kyle was born ( he will be 21 yrs next month!!)
Today I am going to tackle the Wedding quilt I started for him  from a Bom in 2009  It was the Baltimore Bliss pattern by Sindy Rodenmayer.  It is all hand applique it was fun making it just have to put it all together now.

I have a pile of quilts sitting now to take to the quilters but I have a few more to get done before a trip to see her.!

Wednesday 1.23.13

I forgot to post this the other day so I thought I would just add to it!!

I finished the Wedding quilt  and finished a  yellow lap quilt today. I have another of Esthers blocks prepped and today I am going to sit and prep the last two flowers and  then I can get them sewn over the weekend.!
I also finished a small afghan for Gizmo which she has promptly dragged off and hid in her hiddy hole!! I guess she liked it. I also finished up my country cottage quilt and it is also going to the quilters to have it done right.!!I will just add the photos in a row as there are a few. I hope you all have a great week. I have a few more ufo's to get working on  this next week I am trying for one project a day now as most are smaller ones left.

wedding quilt (baltimore bliss)

yellow lap quilt

backing for yellow quilt

funky chicken lap quilt

gizmo's afgahn

country cottages wall quilt

Saturday, January 12, 2013

jan 12 2013

I have had a halfway productive week this past week.

I finally after alot of set backs got my Raspberry Rabbit quilt   completed. I don't have a place to hang it yet so it will go in the closet to be stored until I have a sewing room to my self!!

I have also completed all but two country junktion mini quilts. I did so many extra ones for grandma that I got really behind on my own ones.!! I have the last two appliqued now just to do the eyes on them then I can sew together today hopefully and that will be another ufo done for this year.

 Hubby is working all this weekend so I will try to sew all weekend on the borders and get a few more boms done.  I am determined not to start any large boms for this year until all and I do mean all my ufos are completed so if this means I have to wait until next year to start the  Dear Jane quilt than so be it.

I have started to work on a farmers wife quilt as a quilt along project online I am waiting for the second block to be posted

I have also joined a new group of stitchers on facebook  Crafts Delight they also have a yahoo group link

I have been making monthly granny squares and monthly craft swaps that has been fun  and then we started a block a month  sew along .

It is nice to have a slower pace this year.

My hubby finally bought the light for the light box the other day but I have to wait until he has time to install it for me properly.  I will try to get my Esther forget me knot blocks ready to go. I have to pick material for a few blocks and get the applique prepared. then when I get the box up and running I can get it all pinned on and hand sewed.  I have about 3 or 4 blocks to catch up.

I also finished the Crinoline picture and hubby framed it and we delivered it on x-mas eve.!!

We bought a new pick up truck over the holidays and traded in the Equinox for it.

  I actually have the keys for it in my purse.  Poor Kyle has been told he can't take it to go places!! He can only drive it for emergencies or if I send him to get something done for me or to take me somewhere.  I still can't drive with my right leg thought it was better until last night and it started to hurt again. I will have to break down and to to the specialist next month.  I did order a  couple of herb filled pads that you can put in the freezer or the micro they are said to be good for the arthritis so we will see how that does first before I pay for the dr!!
Well I had better go and get a move on or I will never get anything done today!!.

Have a great weekend everyone


Monday, January 7, 2013


Morning everyone!  It has been a busy month or so. Christmas and NewYear went smoothly this year. I don't think we have had such a relaxing holiday season for years.
We now have the house straightened back out and all cleaned up for the time being.

We lost a member of our furry family before Christmas. Moms Missy went to heaven to be with her we hated to take her to the vet but she really couldn't manage anymore and she was  really upset .
moms missy

My Smudge has started to sit with me again and even Mocha has begun to find laps to sit in. That just leaves us one of moms cats , Salvador he is a good age now as well but still doing good!


We traded in  our equinox  for a brand new gmc sierra extended cab truck.

 It is really nice. I haven't been able to it yet but I have gone for a run in it with Hubby.  My right leg still in alot of pain need to go to orthopedic people and have it tended but I keep putting it off I don't want to put the extra bills on us. But I think I will have to cave before too much longer.
Hubby and I sat down at the New Year and made our new 10 year plan out we have been doing this for a while but it has been 2-5 year plans this time we decided on a 10 yr one!!  and a 1 year one.  we hope to get the house fixed up this year and the fence work finally done then we can get the new driveway put in and a double car garage in the back  finally to clean up the front yard area.  We will have to do the fence first to stop the stray animals getting in and under the trailer we have atom cat living under the house off and on now trying to keep warm. We went out and put a pet carrier with blankets in it for him to sleep in this week and that seems to have worked for now. I feel bad for them but I can't take care of anymore animals.

Well lets see what else is  going on this year so far.  Oh we got word quite a few family and friends are expecting bundles of joy this coming year I believe the count now is 5. It seems so strange to see kids that you watched grow having there own children now I know I Know I'm getting Old!!!

I finished  my Crinoline picture and Hubby helped  frame it. We delivered it to my friend on christmas eve. It was so nice to see her face when she finally got it.  You always worry in case they don't like something when you make for someone but she really seemed to love it.

I have been trying to catch up with my 2012 boms but I seem to have fallen helplessly behind!  I have tried to limit my 2013  new starts but I don't know how well that will go!!  I did a block from farmers wife from the scrappy appleyard  blog it was an easy one!!

  I have also started on a block bom  from a crafts delight stitching group. hopefully I will get it done today!!

I also signed up for a ufo challenge on this same site so we will see if I can  get some things caught up this year.

Well I need to get off this computer. To all who are reading this I wish you all a very prosperous and Healthy  2013.