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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I have blogged. I have been playing lurker on my favorite sites but other than that I pretty much was keeping to my self . I really think it was just this time of year a lot of memories and thoughts the  last while  .

Any how    I have been watching too much HGTV programing !! I decided to give my kitchen a spruce up  we usually get major things worked on thanksgiving holidays and x-mas holidays so this year as we are still waiting for the home to be relevelled and re blocked
I got the paint to re do the bottom cabinets and picked out the tiles for the floor after that is all done my kitchen should be good for another 5-10 yrs!!!Oh and I picked out the vent a hood to replace the old one that is there. We might get the hallway walls paneled  at x-mas time it only need about 5 pieces to  do it but  hubby will have a lot of trim work to do with the wood to make it flow with the livingroom.  Ronakay is doing the painting for me and she said she will do the hall doors as well  I will be so glad once the inside is completed. 

Hubby made me a window seat box the other week for the living room it now holds my quilts for winter so we don't have to dig in the closet.  we thought the little dogs would like it better as they would have more room to sun bath but no they wouldn't go near it so we had to move it to the other side of the room and re assemble their old ledge setup and put it back!!   still have the windows to replace in the living room but at a stand still until leveling is done so hopefully next year we will get all the windows done in the house at one time instead now. It will be a big project you have to have at least 4 windows to replace for them to come out to get the better deals so we will get the small bathroom ones replaced as well to make up the numbers.

Hubby is taking off work on monday  for the Drs for us again need to get prescriptions re done Have an appointment for the vet in the afternoon to get the rest of the dog shots done as well that will be another year completed.  Hubby broke his work glasses the other day so he will go  on Wedensday next week to get glasses  for home and work I will have to hold off again I think as I  doubt we can afford both of us but we will see.

I have been working on hand sewing now as I  seem to have lost the  mood for quilts or at least large ones!!
I have been getting the cover for a block book embroidered   and also working on a cross stitch of the month. I have Octobers nearly done and the patterns for the Nov and Dec waiting.
  I think I got carried away when I  got into the cross stitch for a hobby I bought too  many kits that I liked. thought I would get enough for next year but I think I have enough for the next few years!!  I still have some more to pay for and  receive I ordered them  already I should get a nice group of them by next week. 

Well now that I have bored you all I will go  hope you all have a great Halloween !!

Many Blessings!!