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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Morning everyone! 

It's nearly half way through August already  the months have just flown bye this year.  I realized today that I am running out of time to get a Christmas swap done and  some extra gifts made for this year..

I haven't gotten much done this  last few months I have been mostly doing cross stitch pictures and actually reading books again. It has been nice to just relax for a little bit.

We lost my Father In Law   at the very end of July he will be such a big miss in our lives He was 82 yrs but hadn't been in good health for a long time.  My Mother In Law is taking it not too bad but we worry about her being alone now.  It sure does put life in perspective when you see some one going through the loss of a long time companion I find myself saying what if quiet a lot.

Well onto  happier things.....

Hubby is back on day shift as of today!! Yeah  it  has been real hard this time round on nights  don't think he will be doing that again for a very very long time!!!

Everyone helped get the house back in order this weekend so all the housework is caught up bug spraying done and yard work done I can even see the top of the sewing desk now!  all the clutter is put away.
I have my patterns printed out and my to do list started so hopefully tomorrow I can start sewing again in the mornings. I still can't sit long at the machine but I thought if I can at least sit for  1 hour every morning I will eventually get something done!!

I'm still working on the Red Brolly Wish Quilt I need to get back to it as well. I have the Jenny of Elefantz Shabby Rose  quilt to finish.

think I will have to change the color of writing to make it stand out

Princess having a lazy morning !!

frosty forest

wish quilt

wish quilt

second part only one left to go!

frosty forest

frosty forest