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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12.4.13 cont.

Awful Awful afternoon yesterday..   I had a nap in the afternoon and heard a comotion in the front of the house  went to see what was going on and  sitting in the middle of the klitchen floor was

          A SNAKE!!!!!!!

Can you believe it I like to have died right then.   I never knew I could scream so much in my life!!!  I can laugh about it now I managed to get the dogs locked up but not the cats they were hunting it    

I wasnt sure if it was poisunous or not all I saw was black about 14 inches long    I managed to get on the center counter  and called  every man I knew around the neighbourhood to come help and only got 1 response. My friends husband drove right over but when he got here he couldn't find it  so he left me!!


Thank God for my son he was already at work and had to come all the way home 3/4 hr drive one way  he gets here comes in the house  says he had to use the bathroom first then he would find the snake. walks towards the hall and picks up the snake!!!!      

It was  like it was waiting for him!!    Turned out to be his  snake that he hand raised outside when it was hurt (had the scars on him not that I looked !!)     I dont know how it got in the house though  that thing is old at least 6-7 yrs      

This weekend the house will be gone over with a toothcomb and any and all air gaps or holes blocked off!!!

so that was the rest of my day yesterday!!!!!!

today I keep looking at the floor where I walk and checking chairs   it will take a while to get over this!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello everyone!! 

The last month of the year!!   I sure hope next year goes smoother for many of us!!I think we all deserve a year with a lot less

sal  2013 finished(couldn't get it to go the right way but you can get the idea!)
Well I have been working away on the UFO list and actually got a few finished.  my list for this year was 38 items and I have about 4 items left on the list!!!  not bad  if I would stop making new ones it wouldn't be so many!! Oh well there is always tomorrow....

angel quilt back

angel quilt front

plenty of fish quilt quilted

oriental quilt (moms keepsake material)

oriental quilt back

shabby rose cottage bom

block book front
block book back
block book inside pattern from
shabby roses cottage bom
ufo quilt done
shabby roses cottages by

I have started  working on the wish quilt by redbrolly as well I have saved the patterns for awhile  and it was top of the list for 2014 but started it now.

well  I need to go and get some more cleaning done before the repair man gets here. Our satalite box  needed replacing  but I couldnt get it to program when I got the new one in the mail so they had to send a  tech to fix it for me!! they had to come the past saturday to fix my sons as well in his room should have done both when they were here but they said they couldnt as new box was shipped to me.!! I guess this way they get paid twice at least I have the repair plan on my  bill so I won't get charged!!

Hope you all have a great week 

Blessing for a great Holiday season  to you all.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013



I can't seem to access Blogger anymore so hope this  blog post will actually work.

I haven't done much craft wise lately  I have been actually reading books!!!  I finally got my new glasses  and boy what a difference they made. I have really enjoyed catching up on some of my books that I have been saving.

I have been working on cross stitch and also my cover for the block book.  I need to get some more things done but just been lazy.!!

Here is the November sal done . I have gotten half of Decembers done then only the  group letters to be done after that.
this is the kitchen after Ronakay painted the bottom cabinets for me!! now just to get the floor re done and it will look better again for a few more years!!

well I am having trouble getting  pics posted on here so I will go now and hope you all have a great week.!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I have blogged. I have been playing lurker on my favorite sites but other than that I pretty much was keeping to my self . I really think it was just this time of year a lot of memories and thoughts the  last while  .

Any how    I have been watching too much HGTV programing !! I decided to give my kitchen a spruce up  we usually get major things worked on thanksgiving holidays and x-mas holidays so this year as we are still waiting for the home to be relevelled and re blocked
I got the paint to re do the bottom cabinets and picked out the tiles for the floor after that is all done my kitchen should be good for another 5-10 yrs!!!Oh and I picked out the vent a hood to replace the old one that is there. We might get the hallway walls paneled  at x-mas time it only need about 5 pieces to  do it but  hubby will have a lot of trim work to do with the wood to make it flow with the livingroom.  Ronakay is doing the painting for me and she said she will do the hall doors as well  I will be so glad once the inside is completed. 

Hubby made me a window seat box the other week for the living room it now holds my quilts for winter so we don't have to dig in the closet.  we thought the little dogs would like it better as they would have more room to sun bath but no they wouldn't go near it so we had to move it to the other side of the room and re assemble their old ledge setup and put it back!!   still have the windows to replace in the living room but at a stand still until leveling is done so hopefully next year we will get all the windows done in the house at one time instead now. It will be a big project you have to have at least 4 windows to replace for them to come out to get the better deals so we will get the small bathroom ones replaced as well to make up the numbers.

Hubby is taking off work on monday  for the Drs for us again need to get prescriptions re done Have an appointment for the vet in the afternoon to get the rest of the dog shots done as well that will be another year completed.  Hubby broke his work glasses the other day so he will go  on Wedensday next week to get glasses  for home and work I will have to hold off again I think as I  doubt we can afford both of us but we will see.

I have been working on hand sewing now as I  seem to have lost the  mood for quilts or at least large ones!!
I have been getting the cover for a block book embroidered   and also working on a cross stitch of the month. I have Octobers nearly done and the patterns for the Nov and Dec waiting.
  I think I got carried away when I  got into the cross stitch for a hobby I bought too  many kits that I liked. thought I would get enough for next year but I think I have enough for the next few years!!  I still have some more to pay for and  receive I ordered them  already I should get a nice group of them by next week. 

Well now that I have bored you all I will go  hope you all have a great Halloween !!

Many Blessings!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

wip 9.11.13

Hi everyone,

I have been  taking a break from crafts for a while while I sorted my life out a bit better.
Some of you might have recalled my posts over  the last years about my Grandmother in Scotland. I was always sending her photos of projects and telling her about what I was doing every day it made her happy to hear of what we we were all doing . She passed away a couple of weeks after her last sister  so it has been a very hard month this past one.  I still jump for the phone at different times thinking it is her calling. I know this will get better over the time but her passing is still very raw.

I put my  mind on the  ufo's I had sitting around that had easy sewing so I could loose myself in  the machine that worked real good to get me by the first few weeks I ended up putting 4 quilts to be finished !! I only have a couple more to get done  I believe I now only have about 6-8 ufo's left !!  these are some of the smaller ufos I completed. I will post pics of the bigger ones later.

I decided this past week to just sit and read books I have not sat and read for such a long time I forgot how relaxing it is to loose oneself in a story.  My husband  made me a nice bookcase and table to sit by my chair for the football season.

  I bought a lot of cross stitch kits (hope I enjoy doing the cross stitch!!) and I sorted all my sewing room and the drawers I have stashed all around It was nice to have all the  smaller material back on the shelves I had more than I thought I had!!!

We also replaced the couch in the living room finally on labor day weekend  we got a sleeper sofa so we could pull it out to lay on and watch tv and to sleep on if we have another hurricane.  the quilt ont he back is a ufo finished as well it was actually my mothers ufo pillows that I took apart and made into a quilt instead these were the reason I first started quilting at the local bee!! it only took me  over 12 years to do them!!!

I I have been sitting outside a lot more in the mornings and letting Gizmo run with the other dogs it is so peaceful out in the front listening to the birds first thing. 

I made a block of the month yesterday but this morning I realized I had messed up the block placements but I still liked it so I left it alone!! 

I also finished my  farmers daughter  block this is the last one that has been posted for awhile. The poor lady lost her house in the floods.

Well I will go now and hope you all have a great week!!


Monday, August 19, 2013


Well this has been a hard week.

My wonderful Grandmother passed  away in Aberdeen Scotland UK. She suffered a massive stroke and never regained concousness.    I talked to her 5-6 times a day  the last few  months. Her sister Lottie passed a few weeks before that. I have been  trying to keep myself busy so I  don't realize the passing of the time. I still find myself  reaching for the phone at certain times to check on her. I know this will get better as the months pass but at the moment it is still so hard.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes we received. They have been greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 7.13.2013

Can you believe July is nearly over already!! Where has this year gone.  I suddenly realized I am running out of time to get some projects completed!! 

Some of our  critter family are going to the vet on Tuesday to be spayed and  neutered so I will have a  week or so with out getting much done as I am sure they will need to be spoiled for awhile!! 
Gizmo taking the fresh air!!

I bought a new sewing machine the other week but had to send it back as I was having problems working the  computer part of it due to power surges at our house. I found If the electric flickered just a bit I would have to stop and re set the machine   not good when you are trying to  strip sew. if you didn't realize it happened you broke needles was too much bother and not relaxing to use. I will have to wait now until I get my refund for it then I can buy a simpler machine to use.  Hubby will look at my old one on Sunday and see if he can maybe fix it for me so we will see.Hubby installed the new dishwasher as well last week works great!!

I have been working on  a lot of hand applique this week getting  it ready for the weekend movies with Hubby.  I have the compass section of Esthers Love Entwined nearly ready to sew just placing and pinning today the next part comes out on Monday so I need to get a move on!!

flowers in front yard!
Well not much else happening here right now Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Morning everyone!!  the end of June already this month has flown by!!I have been working  this month on the Stocking swaps for Christmas so not many pictures to show as they are a surprise for my partner!!  I'll take pictures of each item as it is packed in her box then after Christmas I can post them all. I had a few glitches for some of the projects and had to go back and re- make parts but all in all not too bad!! I have two  gifts left to make for one  and  5 gifts left for the other one!.

I got my fat quarters in the mail the other day for my Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along 

today I hope to pick out my  contrast material and get the cutting done before the first lesson!! 

but I haven't decided yet!  well I need to get a move on with my day. Hope you all have a good one.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Look what I won!!  

should be fun!!
autographed chart courtesy of Lori of La-D-Da Designs!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday !!

Hi there

Everyone had gone to work already today and I have been cleaning the house up. Kyle is working until 12  today then off to a baby shower for his friend. Allen packed up the truck this morning so he can leave straight from work to day to go to his parents for Fathers Day he will come home sometime Sunday evening.

I'm going to make King Ranch Chicken for his Fathers Day meal for him coming home. It is one of his favorite dishes.




Me, after I finish cleaning the whole house and getting the wash all done, I plan on cutting and sewing quilts all weekend while watching Die Hard marathon!  I have been  working on my Stocking Swaps for Christmas. I nearly have one set done then I will start on the gifts for the second one!

I have all the applique ready to go on the Bunny Hill Snowbound  quilt I have saved the patterns from her free bom for a long long time! so I am finally getting it done this year!.   Then I will try to make the Bunny Hill Heniretta  Whiskers quilt that I also have saved!!   So many projects I want to do and so little time!!!

Have all sorts of papers on the kitchen table to be sorted into binders this day as well so I don't lose any bom patterns. 

I put down the extra rug again today and Maggie has claimed it, the only problem is I now have to walk over her to get to the door!! Don't think it will last here long!!

Well I need to go and get a move on today. Hope you all have a great weekend.


PS sorry about the quality of pics I need a new camera

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Half way through year!!

Hi everyone,

Can you believe we are halfway through the year already?  I have so much that I wanted to get done this year and not even made it part way through the lists.  and Yes I did mean lists!!

I have a list of crafts that are un finihsed objects (ufo's)   and another for crafts I want to do  and one for household chores and one last one for  christmas gifts to make!!

Today I decided I have to  be smarter and go through all my boxes and drawers and gather together ALL projects started and drag them to the living room so I can trip over them  maybe I will get them all done that way!!

I got tempted this morning to join another quilt along so I of course had to order some fabric for it then I started trying to get ready for another Christmas swap that I joined I need to come up with some more craft ideas for that one.

I did finish a few blocks and my sal for June

Over the weekend I worked on cutting out smaller projects  ( I nearly gave the christmas surprise away!!)  but I haven't managed to get to them today yet.
Well I had better get off of here and get some work done!  no more google today for me!!!

Hope you all have a great week!!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Ranchers Daughters blocks done so far

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here in a while so thought I'd take a min and play catch up!! I  have been busy  playing catch up on my sewing over the last few weeks.

 Here is the finished quilt top for my sister in laws lap quilt now away to quilters.

I treated myself to some goodies from Country Cottages!  decided to try my hand again at cross stitch.and then saw these cute magnets I'm still waiting for the material and thread for the witch one but hopefully it will be soon.

This is my calender sew along from A crafts Delight Sewing Group from the face book site it is January It is the first cross stitch one I have done since I was a kid many many years ago!! and then it wasn't counted cross stitch!!February is a heart  design I have it  set up to start hopefully this weekend

These are my next three Forget me knot blocks from  I have one more block to applique then today the final part with  the borders and final settings was posted. It has been a wonderful mystery quilt to work on!

I also started a mystery sew along from Prairie Quilt Merchantile's on  called plenty of fish mystery quilt. step one is done and now step two to catch up on.  !!
In between this my husband re did out living room floor now we just have the windows in here to replace and this room will be refurbished.!!
While we were working on these we decided(well I decided!!) to sort the furniture and belongings in here and get rid of clutter so of course that meant cleaning the room as we went along which led to having the rest of the house spring cleaned!!   My health lately hasn't been too good had problems with internal bleeding so couldn't do much bending and lifting and stretching. so I asked a friend to come and help clean the house  so she has been here a few evenings this past week and  will be back again on saturday to hopefully help finish it off.  I have been washing and dusting what I can  and she is doing the bending low and high reaching!! working out pretty good.  Hubby and son will do the stove, ceilings ,under beds and ceiling fans for us on sunday and that hopefully will be the house done. It already looks and smells so much better. I will be glad when it is done though so I can go back to sewing and my regular routine!!   Well I think that is most of my news caught up I need to go and get a move on and start on my next book shelve in my bedroom that will take awhile to get done ! I hope you all have a great week Jennifer,