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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012


Well were still here!!!  My son says we are really in the afterlife and don't know it!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Pre Christmas time!!!  Yesterday I was finally feeling better and decided to clean the house good before everyone was off for the holidays.  Then I started my x-mas baking.

  I thought I had enough done until Hubby came home and had to taste test everything. I finally put the boxes in the other room and shut the door to stop him eating it all!! He is a diabetic and should not be snacking on all that sugar!!   Today I will have to package the cookies up on individual  plates and wrap for the gifts then I will see what I need to make for the next week for around the house.!  I still have all the peanut butter pies to make but I need to see when Hubby is going to his parents house so he can bring them with him.  He will go and stay over night  with them and come back the next day sometime that way he can spend some good quality time with them.  I have to stay here and take care of the animals plus my health makes it hard to go out to any ones house for extended visits. I tried new medicines this past week and it looked like it was going to work for me finally then they messed up the liver and kidneys again  and I ended up flat on my back in bed for four days until they wore off.  Can you say was not a happy camper.  I had to stop all my meds  until I got better now I have to start adding them again one at a time. A Real pain.  Any how  enough of that!!!

We do have some sad news to share for those of you who have been patient with me this year as I talked about Moms Missy, she went to heaven to be with mom Monday 10th. When Hubby took me to Dr's  Kyle(my son) took her to the vet. She was starting to be in a lot of pain and failing badly She has been greatly missed I was so used to her sitting with me all the time.

I  started  my block book hope to get it done to use for making the dear jane quilt.

I have managed to finish a few bom blocks that I was behind on and I have started to get the final batch ready  for applique. I have 3 country junktion ,3 Esthers forget me knots1 raspberry rabbit, 1 country cottage, 1 funky chicken left to do.  I hope to get to my light box to help me get Esthers blocks caught up over the x-mas week. I am hoping santa remembers to get me a strip light to go under it!!

Santa did bring me  new area rugs for the living room just in time for the cold weather!! He also brought my hubby a reclining message chair for the living room but the elves still have to figure out how to put it together!!!

 Oh and the frame came for the crinoline picture. it is 28x28  I didn't realize it was so big until I measured for the frame.  We will get it done next week and I will post a picture of it all done for everyone to see.  My friend is so excited to finally be getting it!! I told her I would make sure she got it before New Years!!

I have had a great time this month looking at everyone's posts I have also found a lot  and I do mean a lot !! of new projects for 2013.  I told myself that this next year I was only going to work on ufos and until then nothing else  well..... you all know how that works out!!! Maybe if I took all of January and Feb I could get projects done and then catch up on the boms that are starting but I hate  getting behind on any of them!!!

The weather here is cold now, not as cold as other people are getting!! but to us it is cold!  I snapped these pictures of my babies yesterday as I got them in their shirts for the cold afternoon. I didn't want to put the heater up yet and they were shivering so on with the clothes!!! poor princess she acts like I'm punishing her but after she gets it on she won't let you take it off!!!

Daisy stealing snacks!

Maggie and Cletus! (can you believe he is only around 5 months?)

Princess "Do I have to wear this?"

Gizmo  If I stay real quite she might not find me!!

Well I hope everyone has a Happy  Christmas  and a great New Year.
From everyone at the Thornton House hold Many  Blessings !!

Jennifer and Family

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

x-mas time!!

Hi everyone!

It's nearly here!! Only 20 days to go.  I thought I  had better  dig out the holiday gifts from the closet and find out what I had  and what I still needed.  I try to get a little through out the year and make special gifts  then store them until december.  This year I did really good I only have to get one case of beer for my sons girlfriends father!!  Then I thought I would get off with out baking this year but  the questions have been asked  WHAT ARE YOU BAKING THIS YEAR? WE REALLY LIKED....... OR i WOULD REALLY ENJOY.........

So now onto the shopping list!!! I will have to go on monday after the Dr's and help shop for it all or some will get misssed.!! 

This morning I wrapped what I have  with a lot of help from my furry friends!! Smudge retired to the window to sit and dream about what Santa will bring her ( not catnip thats for sure!!)

Salvador helping!!
Smudge dreaming!!

Well thats it for now time for a cuppa and snack!!

Hope you all have a great Holiday Season!!

From My  House to Yours

Jennifer Thornton
(Ps its amazing what you can get done when you listen to  x-mas music!!)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back again!!

in progress
Well it's been a long long while since I wrote on this blog!! I have been busy with life lately and  just haven't taken t he time to sit and catch up !! Lets see since the last time I wrote, Grandma has been in the  hospital,back home in the nursing home while she got a new kitchen and back home!  Now she is waiting to go to a rehab rest home for a few weeks to try and get her to walk better again. My sister-in-law went over to Scotland to check on her mother and Grandma while all this was going on as she is the only one left that is well enough to travel such a distance.   So I felt she really needed something special for a thank you. she also does all the calling to the dr.s, carers and things like that while I take care of the family calls  It works out pretty good we have got in the swing of things now@!!  
Any way I decided to make her and my brother a lap quilt  well..........

back material

It started out a lap quilt but as it progressed we realized it was a lot bigger so it was turned into a king sized quilt!!

My Son Kyle and his girlfriend RonaKay celebrated
their two yer aniversary and had their pictures done at JC Penny. This is the one they gave to us.
On Tuesday Ronakay turned 21 yrs!! Won't be long now until Kyle does as well. It's hard to believe they
are that old already!!

Our poor Daisy (not yet 2 yrs old) went blind due to glaucoma . We had her first eye taken out and the second eye treated. The specialist said she would have maybe 3 years before she would go blind all the way. Needless to say he was wrong.  by the end of the next month  she lost her other eye. We really had a hard time deciding whether to put  her to sleep or watch her deal with being blind but our won vet  counseled us and we decided to give her a few months and see if she adjusted with her being so young.  So glad we did as she is doing great!! She still runs the house , plays with the other dogs comes and goes down the stairs outside and up and down on the furniture!! It was hard with the cone on but after that came off away she went!!  We have a harness for her and she gets hooked to it if I have to leave her alone outside at all that way she can't get near the pond or the clutter in the yard. Usually Gizmo is on her little leash out there at the same time and the other dogs are loose in the yards so she's not alone.  It seems to be working out really well.  the hardest thing I think is I can't move my furniture around anymore and I can't leave anything down where it doesn't belong really just child proofed the house and  that seems to have worked.  We got rid of the reclining couch we were scared she would get hurt  and we got a small couch from walmarts until the beginning of the year then we will get a new couch and a mans recliner for my husband  I think by then she will be ok to have the reclining part up.

We have finally gotten all the chichens in one pen now in the front yard and the old pens torn down and cleaned up. we still have to move the kennel that we fixed up for the geese and get them moved into it but that will probably be next year!! Allen has been still getting the damaged trees cleared from Hurricane Ike only a few more in the back section to take down and clear away.  Then we can see about finally getting the fence put back up in the back and re fixing the fencing in the front.  We might be having a lot of dirt moved in the back and front before the fence gets put up to level the ground  and get it ready for garages and pool. Then only to start the repairs on the house !!!!

Well I need to go now and finish getting the house cleaned. I have wash to do yet and the kitchen to finish tomorrow I will do the livingroom , hall and kyles bathroom I have really let the house go this last two weeks!!!
well hope you all have a great weekend and I will try and write sooner next time!!!

Happy Halloween  !!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I hadn't realized it's been so long since I wrote on here!  I have been busy with life lately between family illness and personal  things.  I have finally gotten back to a less crazy life and am trying to get all my crafts caught up!! 
Lets see we have a new family member  His name is Cletus  Kyle saw him get thrown out of a car and picked him up and brought him home. I believe he is about 6-8 wks old Maggie has adopted him nice to have the baby with no pain !! He is getting along well with everyone now and starting to do better potty training.  Daisy as you can see rules the couch world and is not interested in being a sub  mom!!

We have started to down size the yard work now. We got rid of my big rose bushes at the front of our house I was sad to see them go they have been there for 18 yrs  but I was unable to keep up with them anymore.
The other garden we will downside it as well as I can't get help to keep it weeded.

I have been working on a few boms this year and have acually managed to get them all done so far!! Now I have started on my x-mas gift list. this year I decided to make gifts or I won't give any we'll see how that goes I'm way behind on my work. 

well I had better go now and get something done today. I seem to have been on the computer most of the day instead of on my sewing machine!!  I will have to put in a movie and hand sew today.

speak to you again later.

                                           Gizmo not amused with new pup he stole her food stash!!
                                         Maggie and Princess with Cletus
                                           Maggie and Cletus!
                                          back of pillow made for Grandma's friend
                                           Front of pillow
                                          Crinoline for a friend !
                                           July country Junktion  bom

                                           Country Cottages bom July
                                           Raspberry Rabbits July bom
                                          Funky Chicken July bom
                                          front of a mini wall quilt for a x-mas gift
                                          the start of Esthers forget me not bom July block
                                           Maggie and Cletus a week later  she really loves him!!
                                          Daisy took over the couch today No MALES allowed!!