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Saturday, January 12, 2013

jan 12 2013

I have had a halfway productive week this past week.

I finally after alot of set backs got my Raspberry Rabbit quilt   completed. I don't have a place to hang it yet so it will go in the closet to be stored until I have a sewing room to my self!!

I have also completed all but two country junktion mini quilts. I did so many extra ones for grandma that I got really behind on my own ones.!! I have the last two appliqued now just to do the eyes on them then I can sew together today hopefully and that will be another ufo done for this year.

 Hubby is working all this weekend so I will try to sew all weekend on the borders and get a few more boms done.  I am determined not to start any large boms for this year until all and I do mean all my ufos are completed so if this means I have to wait until next year to start the  Dear Jane quilt than so be it.

I have started to work on a farmers wife quilt as a quilt along project online I am waiting for the second block to be posted

I have also joined a new group of stitchers on facebook  Crafts Delight they also have a yahoo group link

I have been making monthly granny squares and monthly craft swaps that has been fun  and then we started a block a month  sew along .

It is nice to have a slower pace this year.

My hubby finally bought the light for the light box the other day but I have to wait until he has time to install it for me properly.  I will try to get my Esther forget me knot blocks ready to go. I have to pick material for a few blocks and get the applique prepared. then when I get the box up and running I can get it all pinned on and hand sewed.  I have about 3 or 4 blocks to catch up.

I also finished the Crinoline picture and hubby framed it and we delivered it on x-mas eve.!!

We bought a new pick up truck over the holidays and traded in the Equinox for it.

  I actually have the keys for it in my purse.  Poor Kyle has been told he can't take it to go places!! He can only drive it for emergencies or if I send him to get something done for me or to take me somewhere.  I still can't drive with my right leg thought it was better until last night and it started to hurt again. I will have to break down and to to the specialist next month.  I did order a  couple of herb filled pads that you can put in the freezer or the micro they are said to be good for the arthritis so we will see how that does first before I pay for the dr!!
Well I had better go and get a move on or I will never get anything done today!!.

Have a great weekend everyone


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  1. Love you bunnies quilt. I'd like to get to that Farmer's Wife Quilt too. So many quilts, so little time.