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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

wip 9.11.13

Hi everyone,

I have been  taking a break from crafts for a while while I sorted my life out a bit better.
Some of you might have recalled my posts over  the last years about my Grandmother in Scotland. I was always sending her photos of projects and telling her about what I was doing every day it made her happy to hear of what we we were all doing . She passed away a couple of weeks after her last sister  so it has been a very hard month this past one.  I still jump for the phone at different times thinking it is her calling. I know this will get better over the time but her passing is still very raw.

I put my  mind on the  ufo's I had sitting around that had easy sewing so I could loose myself in  the machine that worked real good to get me by the first few weeks I ended up putting 4 quilts to be finished !! I only have a couple more to get done  I believe I now only have about 6-8 ufo's left !!  these are some of the smaller ufos I completed. I will post pics of the bigger ones later.

I decided this past week to just sit and read books I have not sat and read for such a long time I forgot how relaxing it is to loose oneself in a story.  My husband  made me a nice bookcase and table to sit by my chair for the football season.

  I bought a lot of cross stitch kits (hope I enjoy doing the cross stitch!!) and I sorted all my sewing room and the drawers I have stashed all around It was nice to have all the  smaller material back on the shelves I had more than I thought I had!!!

We also replaced the couch in the living room finally on labor day weekend  we got a sleeper sofa so we could pull it out to lay on and watch tv and to sleep on if we have another hurricane.  the quilt ont he back is a ufo finished as well it was actually my mothers ufo pillows that I took apart and made into a quilt instead these were the reason I first started quilting at the local bee!! it only took me  over 12 years to do them!!!

I I have been sitting outside a lot more in the mornings and letting Gizmo run with the other dogs it is so peaceful out in the front listening to the birds first thing. 

I made a block of the month yesterday but this morning I realized I had messed up the block placements but I still liked it so I left it alone!! 

I also finished my  farmers daughter  block this is the last one that has been posted for awhile. The poor lady lost her house in the floods.

Well I will go now and hope you all have a great week!!



  1. Sorry for the lost of your grandmother.

  2. Sorry to hear about your losses, but glad that you are managing to stitch your way through it.
    You and your DH have both been busy, haven't you? Nice to have the shelves and table right by you!