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Wednesday, November 20, 2013



I can't seem to access Blogger anymore so hope this  blog post will actually work.

I haven't done much craft wise lately  I have been actually reading books!!!  I finally got my new glasses  and boy what a difference they made. I have really enjoyed catching up on some of my books that I have been saving.

I have been working on cross stitch and also my cover for the block book.  I need to get some more things done but just been lazy.!!

Here is the November sal done . I have gotten half of Decembers done then only the  group letters to be done after that.
this is the kitchen after Ronakay painted the bottom cabinets for me!! now just to get the floor re done and it will look better again for a few more years!!

well I am having trouble getting  pics posted on here so I will go now and hope you all have a great week.!!


  1. Very pretty stitching projects and the kitchen is looking great !

    1. Thank you!! still have some more to do but it will make it last for a while longer!!

  2. Your stitching is beautiful and the gobble is very very cute.