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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12.4.13 cont.

Awful Awful afternoon yesterday..   I had a nap in the afternoon and heard a comotion in the front of the house  went to see what was going on and  sitting in the middle of the klitchen floor was

          A SNAKE!!!!!!!

Can you believe it I like to have died right then.   I never knew I could scream so much in my life!!!  I can laugh about it now I managed to get the dogs locked up but not the cats they were hunting it    

I wasnt sure if it was poisunous or not all I saw was black about 14 inches long    I managed to get on the center counter  and called  every man I knew around the neighbourhood to come help and only got 1 response. My friends husband drove right over but when he got here he couldn't find it  so he left me!!


Thank God for my son he was already at work and had to come all the way home 3/4 hr drive one way  he gets here comes in the house  says he had to use the bathroom first then he would find the snake. walks towards the hall and picks up the snake!!!!      

It was  like it was waiting for him!!    Turned out to be his  snake that he hand raised outside when it was hurt (had the scars on him not that I looked !!)     I dont know how it got in the house though  that thing is old at least 6-7 yrs      

This weekend the house will be gone over with a toothcomb and any and all air gaps or holes blocked off!!!

so that was the rest of my day yesterday!!!!!!

today I keep looking at the floor where I walk and checking chairs   it will take a while to get over this!!!

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  1. Oh Jennifer, How terrifying for you even if it did turn out to be a pet. Hope you have a better day today. Sending Hugs from Aus.