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Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27 2014

Hi everyone!

It's been awhile since I have been writing I have been taking a step back from everything these past few months.  It has been nearly a year now since Grandma has been gone and I have really felt it  these last few months.  It's time now to shake myself up and get on with life. so my new promise to myself is to try and do something different each week  whether it is read a book ( have a lot on shelf waiting!)  or work on a different craft again but each week I will make myself get up and  actually DO something.

I have been working on cross stitch patterns lately and have completed a few. This is a new craft for me  and I think I have gone overboard on stocking up on kits!!  I sure won't fun out anytime soon!!! 

We have had so much rain lately I'm surprised we have gotten anything done around here but My son and his girlfriend Ronakay  have managed to work some more on the  ponds in the front and also put in a large vegetable garden in the back yard. We started out with plants in pots but he decided he wanted to make a better garden so  they did!!  I don't think they realized what hard work it would be!!!LOL  now they know why we had pots!!

We saved a baby goose from the pen the other day the adults killed the others they had again this year but we found this one before they could stomp it . It is now in a kennel in the sitting room until it gets bigger hopefully Kyle will get it a home like he promised or we will be back to four geese to care for. Ronakay named it Aflac  so it will probably end up being a family member!! Maybe it will get along with the chickens instead of the geese pen!!  We used to have two duck that thought they were chickens so I suppose the goose will do the same!

We have been looking into getting new a/c and heat system later this year and a roof next year  I think it will take a bit of saving to get it done but hopefully it will  get done  before June of next year!!  We have decided to go with a new system that is ventless so we can close off all the floor vents in the house and seal them up. Ever since we had Mr snake come visit I have been paranoid about the vents in case something comes in through them!!  We saw these systems on the D.I.Y shows where they re model peoples homes the comments from others that have them seem to be good so here's hoping.  The roof is a perma roof  and is meant to have a lifetime warranty after it is installed.  Hopefully we are doing the right thing upgrading what we already have instead of getting a new note for a new house to be built.  We got kind of nervous about building when there is only maybe 15 or so more years until Hubby can retire the list of what ifs scared us so repair and upgrade is the new motto for now!! 

Well not much else now so I had better go now that I have bored you all!!  July is just around the corner need to get going and start on x-mas gifts!!   Can you believe it's that time already?  This year has flown.


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