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Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 23 2019

March is nearly over and so much still to get done for this months goals!

I am working on another of the Wish Quilt blocks just left with the stars to sew on and the embroidery to be done.

I finished my Spring cross stitch  for the Little House Needleworks sew along  went faster than I thought it would!
 this is the box that Hubby made me for all my hand dyed threads just need to put in a divider inside to separate the brands.

 now I need to catch up with the other cross stitch sew along behind February and March will dig them out today to work on them over the weekend they are nice and quick ornaments so should finish before the beginning of the week.

The rain has finally stopped here for awhile looking forward to sitting outside on swing later when it gets dried more.  I cleaned up the computer yesterday saved files to hard drive and backed up my caliber for ebooks  then started sorting the DVD shelves and figuring out what ones I need to buy to make up movie sets I didn't realize how many I was behind on! I think I will need another shelve unit If I can figure out where to put it!!
well I hope you all have a great week I need to get back to my work now ! 

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