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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 7.13.2013

Can you believe July is nearly over already!! Where has this year gone.  I suddenly realized I am running out of time to get some projects completed!! 

Some of our  critter family are going to the vet on Tuesday to be spayed and  neutered so I will have a  week or so with out getting much done as I am sure they will need to be spoiled for awhile!! 
Gizmo taking the fresh air!!

I bought a new sewing machine the other week but had to send it back as I was having problems working the  computer part of it due to power surges at our house. I found If the electric flickered just a bit I would have to stop and re set the machine   not good when you are trying to  strip sew. if you didn't realize it happened you broke needles was too much bother and not relaxing to use. I will have to wait now until I get my refund for it then I can buy a simpler machine to use.  Hubby will look at my old one on Sunday and see if he can maybe fix it for me so we will see.Hubby installed the new dishwasher as well last week works great!!

I have been working on  a lot of hand applique this week getting  it ready for the weekend movies with Hubby.  I have the compass section of Esthers Love Entwined nearly ready to sew just placing and pinning today the next part comes out on Monday so I need to get a move on!!

flowers in front yard!
Well not much else happening here right now Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. Your LE is coming along. I'm enjoying watching everyones, but think this is beyond my scope.

  2. Love Gizmo... and all that sunshine as we are in our winter here. The applique looks great too! :)

  3. It looks very good your work on the LE!
    groetjes van Marijke

  4. I love your "helpers". My cat, Mandu, is a big help to me, too!
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your pet.

  6. Hey, you're doing a Love Entwined! I really like that one. Your gold background is gorgeous for it.