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Friday, December 19, 2014

Been awhile!

Hi everyone!  

I didn't realize how much time has passed since I last posted.  I have been slowing down on all my crafts this year due to health issues but am really missing  some of them.!

I finally finished another block for the Wish quilt by Red Brolly

 I have a new  sewing machine that does the threading  for me so I can finally get back on the machine a little at a time.  I hope to complete some of my Un finished works this next year.  I have  a few things that still need to get caught up.

I have been doing a lot of cross stitching I think I got carried away buying kits though as I now have a dresser full of patterns, material and threads all ready to go.! 

It is raining  heavy today I'm waiting to see if Hubby gets rained out from work. If so he will go the stores and get the groceries ect and the last of x-mas things. 

My son Kyle and his girlfriend Ronakay are living here full time now so it's time to fix up his room and area for them to be more comfortable so over the x-mas holiday Hubby will be making wall cabinets for the room so it can be  organized better for them.   I have already packed down the closet for them only a couple of stored boxes on top shelf that will stay filled with kyles baby things.

Decided to wait on my kitchen floor until sometime next year so we could get the other room done first.

Here are some of the things I have been working on some might have been shown already if so I apologize!  Hope you all have a great Holiday Season  many Blessing from My house to Your House!


PS  I just read a post from January 2014
this was my list of want to do's guess what I didn't get any done!! not a single one!!  so this will be my list for 2015!!

1. Wish by Red Brolly

2. Winter in Bog Land by Ellies Quiltplace

3. Love Entwined by Esther Aliu

4. Dear Jane

5. Shabby Roses Home by Jenny of Elefantz

6. faith in friends  in homespun magazine ( I believe the designer is  Lenna Green of Little Green Cottage)

7. Henrietta Whiskers by Bunny Hill Designs

8.Miss Kringle "Jingle" Quilt by Erin Russek

9.  finish embroidery table cloth

10. put together witch wall hanging

11. finish putting together crochet squares into afghan

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  1. I recognize my cross stitch! I love it! Glad to see you posting! Merry Christmas!