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Friday, January 2, 2015


Here we go !! Another year started!  I need to make a list of all UFO's to complete for this year

We had a nice Christmas and New year so far Hubby  and son have been making cabinets for my sons room still have the largest to get finished but hopefully tonight it will be completed then onto getting my poor house back in order and cleaned from all the sanding and cutting dust!  
Here is a picture of the first cabinet and part of the second the second one I believe is going all the way up to the ceiling .

I finally got to open my Santa Swap package!!  Look what  Andee Neff made for me!! 

I couldn't get a brighter picture of the bag I need to play with the camera a bit more but it is a wonderful purple color really really love it.  I am using it to keep my hand  cross stitching and embroidery in as I do them.
I made  this one  over the holidays Christmas cookies by country cottage needleworks just have to finish making it a ornament and sew on button.
I figured out the camera on the phone got the flash to work finally so here is the bag ! Isn't the material pretty?

I am thinking of trying another BOM this year but will have to see after I get house sorted I think if I sit at machine for an hour a day I should be able to handle that or even every other day so I will see how it goes. 
well I need to go and get some more chores done  ie more washing!! seems it is never done.

I hope you all have a great 2015!!

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