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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday 23 Jan 2012

Today I  started to put my house blocks together by hand!! That was fun!! I need to find my glasses I could hardly thread the needle!I got one done not too bad? my roof will be backwards compared tot he pattern as I cut the pieces out reversed!!  I worked on my other projects this weekend. put all the material for different ufos with the proper one and put all ufos in a row(they are all in boxes) I found approx 14 to get finished. after I found that many I decided this years boms will have to be printed and saved for another time!!  I will only do the funky chickens and house a day quilts for now until I get some of the  others out of the way.  We are hoping to get our tax money back this week I wanted to take all the puppies to be fixed with it but I nearly died when I found out the price It's been a long long while since we had to get a female animal spayed!  Needless to say we will have to toss a coin to see who gets done first! we will have to do one a month until all done!! then it will be time for the yearly booster shots again and heartworm pill refill that should take us to nearly the end of the year!!   Hope my husband gets overtime this year!! 
It's our aniversary this wedensday. we will be married  26 years and together 27  Our son will be 20 yrs old the begining of the month.  We had will done years ago and I was always on at my husband for us to go and change the age  for my son to take care of finances himself so he wouldn't have to depend on either family but he always said don't worry he will be 21 yrs before you know it and we will have saved $600 for the change fee!! Boy he was right  where did the time fly to!

Well I need to get going and get said son up so he can get ready for work.  Think I will watch netflix today while I do my embroidery.  Hope you all have a great week.  I will post pictures later I need to get my memory card back for  my camera yup it was Mom I need yours mine isn't working right!
the story of my life lately  I think If I nailed something down he would still "Borrow" it!!!LOL

speak to you soon

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