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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning!

It's another week!  Iwas bad bad this weekend!I went on ebay to find some extra squares and jelly rolls for the build a house quilt I'm making!  Oh yeah it  was fun until this morning when I stopped and actually added the bids up!  good thing we are expecting a refund this year on the taxes! I will have to use my share to pay back the house fund!!! It will be nice when they come in though. Oh and I had to have a scrape bag/pin cushion that I found it is in purples to hange on the table beside my chair while I work. Then my son say "but mom won't the dogs steal that from there?"  I could have screamed ! but he's right !! I will have to figure out how to keep it attached so they can't take off with a mouth full of pins!  I'm so used to the older dogs we had they knew not to touch these young ones will have to learn though.

I didn't get much more done this weekend. I worked on the taxes and did the washing and tidied up the house , well I did some of the house! I still have to dust and remop the floors this morning oh and do the bathroom. then I will have all week to work on my quilting.

I got a New home sewing machine in a table from a Lady from our local guild this weekend as well. My son went and picked it up for me and we set it up in the livingroom in front of the window. We had a good laugh at ourselves when we tried to se if it worked. we looked all over for the foot peddle, thought it might be missing so we got ones from the other machine to see if they would fit but couldn't find a place to plug it in, so I went on my hands and knees to look under it and accidentally hit a bar unerneath on the side. yup it has a knee peedle!!  did we ever feel dumb!! It came with the attachments and book so I will have to study it this week and figure out how to thread it so I can use it.

got to go now and get going  still cutting roof blocks today hope to get them done!  Have a great day!

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